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There is such a wealth of story and culture in Latin protest music. But if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll not be able to fully appreciate the meaning of these songs. We intend to break that language barrier by translating and contextualizing Latin protest music.

We will start publishing videos in June 2021 and every month will have a different theme. Such as feminism, history, indigeneity, certain regions or influential artists. We will publish one video per week that discusses a specific protest song and we aim to upload a 10-minute documentary at the end of each month.

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La música de protesta latina es tan rica en historia y cultura. Pero, si no hablas Español, no podrás apreciar del todo su significado. Nos proponemos romper la barrera del lenguaje traduciendo y contextualizando la música de protesta latinoamericana.

Empezaremos a publicar videos en junio 2021 y cada mes tratará un tema diferente. El feminismo, la historia, la indigeneidad, algunas regiones o artistas influyentes. Publicaremos un video a la semana que analice una canción de protesta en particular y pretendemos subir un documental de diez minutos al final de cada mes.

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